On June 1, 2024, Go Vap District Cultural and Sports Center coordinated with Food Bank Vietnam and Thai Chamber of commerce and Industry in Vietnam (ThaiCham) in Vietnam to organize the program “Children’s Smile” on the occasion of National Day. Children’s Day June 1, at the Cultural and Sports Center of Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.

The “Brighten Children’s Smile” program aims to create a fun, creative and rewarding environment for children in the community, thereby helping them develop comprehensively culturally, physically and mentally. At the same time, creating opportunities for children to be exposed to art, sports and educational activities makes an important contribution to building a bright future for the young generation. Especially disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the community.

On this occasion, the Organizing Committee also created a healthy playground for children, of which 200 children are disadvantaged children from shelters, open house centers, charity schools,… in the area. Go Vap District to receive gifts and participate in fun, competitions, connections and exchanges so that children in difficult circumstances receive more attention from all walks of life in society, stimulating their spirit. , bringing confidence towards the beauty of the soul, the will to integrate into the community and the determination to excel in life. This is also one of the annual activities so that children in difficult circumstances can participate, show off their talents, exchange and share appropriate sports training skills.

Ms. Punnika Kaewsrion – Vice President of ThaiCham shared: “We, from the Thai Chamber of commerce and Industry in Vietnam (ThaiCham), are very proud and happy to participate with our partners in the program “Young Smiles”. Poetry” on the occasion of this International Children’s Day. This is an ideal opportunity for us to bring joy and support to children, especially those in difficult circumstances in Go Vap district.

In Vietnam, ThaiCham always puts social goals and community responsibility first, and we believe that investing in children’s nutrition, education and health is an important part of this mission. We hope that, through this program, children will receive the values ​​of health, friendship and love from the community so that they can have the best development environment.”

The “Brighten Children’s Smile” program to celebrate International Children’s Day on June 1 is part of a series of programs by the Food Bank Vietnam and the Thai Chamber of commerce and Industry in Vietnam “Improving nutrition and stature for children – towards a healthy Vietnam” to raise community awareness and action towards children today. The program series emphasizes two main aspects: nutrition and stature of children, with the goal of building a strong, healthy and confident young generation. Caring for and investing in children’s health is not only the responsibility of the family but also the duty of the whole society.

The program does not stop at providing gifts and related items to children, but is also a practical effort to improve the quality of life and future of children with disabilities. disadvantaged. Surely, through the coordination and implementation of these useful and meaningful activities, the program will provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions, from education to health and personal development, to provide children with the opportunity to develop comprehensively and happily.

Ms. Nguyen Hoang Truc Linh (Jolie Nguyen), CEO of Food Bank Vietnam shared: “Food Bank Vietnam with the mission of promoting sustainable development in the agricultural and food value chain, contributes to ensuring Food security moves towards greening Vietnam. In addition, Food Bank Vietnam also plays an important role in minimizing food waste, supporting people in difficult circumstances and at the same time creating consensus in the social community to share love and Share with those who are having difficulty.

We all know that nutrition and stature are two important factors for the comprehensive development of children. At Food Bank Vietnam, we are committed to not only providing quality and safe food products but also contributing to raising awareness about nutrition and educating about healthy lifestyles for the community.

Through today’s program, we believe that through the program’s activities, we will bring to children the values ​​of health, confidence and knowledge to become useful citizens. future society. The attention, contributions and companionship from associations, businesses and individuals directly contribute to improving the nutrition and stature of disadvantaged children.”

Food Bank Vietnam.