Address: 240 Ly Nhan Tong Street, Dong Tho Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam.

On January 20, 2024, Food Bank Vietnam in collaboration with the Association for the Support of People with Disabilities, Orphans and Child Rights Protection in Thanh Hoa province, launched the Thanh Hoa Community Warehouse. This marks the 9th community food bank in Vietnam.

The event had representatives from the leadership of Food Bank Vietnam, provincial departments, and sponsors, as well as nearly 500 people in difficult circumstances, those with disabilities and orphans.

In the early stages, The Thanh Hoa Community Warehouse aims to provide free food support to those in need in the province, addressing food insecurity during challenging times such as climate change and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also focuses on raising awareness and promoting a community-wide habit of reducing food waste in daily consumption.

Thanh Hoa is a province in the North Central region of Vietnam, ranking fifth in terms of area and third in terms of population in the country. Despite its area, the economic development and living standards face challenges, especially in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities in remote and mountainous regions, resulting in the highest poverty rate in the country. Thanh Hoa also frequently experiences harsh weather conditions, including droughts, floods, landslides, impacting food security.

In addition, the Community Warehouse is guided and operated by an excellent team of officials affiliated with the Food Bank Club Thanh Hoa. They are all pioneering leaders actively involved in movements of the Red Cross Society, state associations, with extensive experience in organizing and managing the promotion of “green” transformation in the food system and current volunteer activities. During the initial phase of implementation, the Food Bank Club Thanh Hoa actively integrated messages of propaganda, mobilizing the public to enhance awareness and spread the habit of combating food waste in daily consumption, working together to fulfill the mission of the Vietnam Foodbanking Network, “For a Vietnam with no hunger and no food waste.” In the future, Food Bank Vietnam aims to collaborate and develop partnerships with leaders and organizations with capacity within top associations and businesses nationwide for community development. This collaboration will enhance the role and capabilities of the team, as well as successfully establish specific Food Bank models at the local level.

Recipients of support from the food bank and Food Bank Club Thanh Hoa include individuals and organizations affected by natural disasters, pandemics, impoverished families, vulnerable groups such as orphans, people with disabilities, elderly individuals living alone, homeless individuals, and victims of Agent Orange exposure facing difficult circumstances. Additionally, community kitchens, charitable kitchens, and other proposed beneficiaries from social organizations and associations will benefit from the food bank.

The Thanh Hoa Community Warehouse has already gained trust and credibility in the local community, attracting numerous volunteers, cooperation from local authorities, organizations, individuals, and businesses. It has successfully mobilized food resources to support those in need.

This collaboration between Food Bank Vietnam and the Association for the Support of People with Disabilities, Orphans and Child Rights Protection in Thanh Hoa represents a concerted effort to provide the best food support and nutrition to vulnerable individuals while promoting awareness of food waste reduction and fostering sustainable consumption habits in society.