Food For Community

Food For Community

Project of Food Bank Vietnam

Food for Community

The "Food For Community: Nutrition Enhancement Project" is a comprehensive initiative aimed at improving community well-being through targeted interventions addressing food insecurity, nutrition education, and environmental sustainability. The project focuses on supporting meals for children and poor students while raising awareness about combating food waste and fostering green environmental protective ideas through educational programs at schools and universities.

Our Goals

This long-term project focuses on 3 goal pillars:

Nutrition support

Provide nutritious meals for children and poor students in underserved communities to address food insecurity and improve dietary diversity.

Raising awareness and empowering the youth

Provide the community with the knowledge, skills, and resources to implement practical solutions to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger within their school communities.

Environmental sustainability

Foster initiatives in green environmental protective ideas among students and communities to promote sustainable practices and reduce environmental impact from food waste.

Our Program

Food For Community nutrition improvement project

Meals will depend on the beneficiary unit that is nurturing and teaching the subjects living there; Serving 500 - 1000 meals and gifts to each shelter in the Ho Chi Minh City area

Increase awareness for young people against food waste

Helping to increase the amount of food donated and donated to the community: series of seminars at universities, secondary schools, and even elementary schools.

Food in school Community: supports meals for poor and studious students

Program to improve nutrition for children of ethnic minorities, highland and remote areas in Northern Vietnam. We can coordinate with schools to provide meal vouchers directly, fixedly, at the canteen...

Serving meals to poor parents under treatment at hospitals in Hanoi capital area

For patients being treated at the hospital, the project will support nutritional porridge for subjects in the Hanoi area.

On World Food Day October 16 every year in two key areas Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city

Organize exchange and entertainment programs for children from Food Bank Vietnam's network of foster care facilities and serve nutritious meals to the children

How to model support meals for the disadvantaged in Ho Chi Minh city

The mobile rice crew model will bring nutritious dishes to homeless people, poor workers,... in the area

Impact of Project

The project promote throughout the year, with an emphasis on approximately 80% implementation in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and 10% for other areas other region and remaining provinces across the country. In addition, we plan to integrate the celebration of World Food Day on October 16 into this series of programs with a large scale and high community impact.