Recently, the Food Bank of Vietnam (Food Bank Vietnam) in collaboration with the Red Cross Association of Kien Giang province, the Red Cross Association of Benevolent Bracelets of the province launched the Kien Giang community food warehouse.

With the goal of “no one is left behind” and towards the goal of “For a Vietnam without hungry people and fighting food waste”, the Kien Giang community food warehouse will provide food and necessities. for the objects must be on the address of Kien Giang.

Accordingly, the target groups are disadvantaged people, homeless people, lonely elderly people, orphanages, disabled children, poor hostels, unemployed workers, and people in difficult circumstances. , remote areas, poor patients…

Food Bank Vietnam Chairman Nguyen Tuan Khoi said that the cooperation in building local community food storages is an important strategy of Food Bank Vietnam.

Up to now, Food Bank Vietnam has launched 4 food warehouses for disadvantaged people and will soon complete the goal of expanding 20 community food warehouses in 20 provinces and cities. Thereby, helping to connect more resources to timely support difficult and vulnerable situations in life.

Food Bank Việt Nam