The “Food Donation Project” is one of the programs implemented in 2023, based on the cooperation plan and agreement signed between Food Bank Vietnam and Starbucks Vietnam in August 2023.

This is also the first program to bring Starbucks brand products directly to the hands of those in need, vulnerable, and wandering, so they can use and access quality products from one of the largest brands in the market. Specifically, every night, activities to receive and distribute Starbucks products will take place according to the process in two areas: HCMC and Hanoi.

Receiving surplus pastries daily at Starbucks stores Food Bank Vietnam volunteers directly distribute them to disadvantaged communities across various neighborhoods in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Photo Food Bank Vietnam

Additionally, these products are also served in nutritious meals for vulnerable groups organized regularly every week in the beneficiary network of Food Bank Vietnam. Moreover, the program aims to reduce waste at Starbucks stores and losses, not only helping to reduce negative impacts on the environment and sustainability.

According to the implementation plan in 2024, Starbucks Vietnam will accompany the series of programs and activities of Food Bank Vietnam aimed at ensuring food security in Vietnam, solutions to minimize waste in the production and serving of beverages, utilizing agricultural by-products, combating climate change, especially programs on green living, sustainable consumption, and support for farmers nationwide.

Food Bank Vietnam.