The “Food Exchange and Recovery Program” organized by Food Bank Vietnam (FBVN) on a weekly basis at the Thủ Đức Wholesale Market in Ho Chi Minh City has achieved significant and meaningful results in reducing food waste at trading points and markets in the area.

This program not only helps prevent the dumping of tons of food every day but also creates a diverse source of food to support community centers, charitable kitchens, and other organizations. Food Bank volunteers participate in collecting, sorting, and distributing food, especially fruits and vegetables, to shelters regularly with tons of food items.

After recovering food at wholesale markets, Food Bank distributes it to shelters and charitable houses to provide food assistance to those in need in Ho Chi Minh City

As of now, FBVN has implemented the program for nearly a year and has seen its practicality and high efficiency through this action. It also connects a network to combat food waste and raises awareness within the community’s daily supply and distribution chains. This is a pilot program implemented in Ho Chi Minh City. Based on the good planning and development of local Food Banks, FBVN plans to expand this project nationwide in the near future to include food stores, supermarkets, markets, schools, etc.

Food Bank Vietnam