In the evenings in Ho Chi Minh City, the food recovery activity, a collaboration between Food Bank Vietnam and Starbucks Vietnam, continues from 8 p.m. to midnight regularly, aiming to share surplus food items that are still of good quality but remain unsold during business operations to give gifts to wandering individuals in need in the area. Instead of letting surplus food go to waste, the recovered items from various Starbucks locations have become warm midnight meals for those facing hardship.

The collaboration between the two parties has entered the next phase after the successful trial period of the first 7 months (since August 2023) testing the effectiveness of recovering surplus food from Starbucks retail stores.

In 2024, with advancements in their new collaborative plans, Starbucks will continue to partner with Food Bank Vietnam in various social programs and projects such as The Love Kitchen and donating essential items, coffee ingredients, or brewing materials to Starbucks coffee communities in some areas of the Central Highlands and northern mountainous regions.

Furthermore, following the launch of the “Green Community Garden” project in early December 2023, along with the support from Food Bank in developing the “Foodbank Garden” model, Starbucks will further enhance the collaboration between the two parties in the food waste reduction program and optimize the use of food waste resources through the recovery of tea grounds, coffee grounds, and organic waste in retail operations.

Food Bank Vietnam.