Women in Food

Women in Food

Project of Food Bank Vietnam

Women in Food Community

The “Women in Food Community” project aims to empower and support women who play vital roles in the food community & food industry. This initiative seeks to address challenges faced by women in various aspects of the food system, from agriculture and food production to distribution and consumption. By highlighting the contributions of women and providing them with resources and opportunities, the project strives to create a more inclusive and equitable food system. Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, the “Women in Food Community” project works towards building a sustainable and diverse food community that values and uplifts women in all their endeavors.

Project Objectives

Empowering Women for Sustainable Community Food Development


To empower women in the community by providing them with the necessary skills, resources, and support to actively participate in food development initiatives.

Food Security

To enhance food security in the community through the active involvement of women in various aspects of food production, processing, distribution, and marketing.

Community Development

To foster community development by promoting gender equality, social

Project Activities​


Capacity Building Workshops​

Conduct workshops to provide training on sustainable agricultural community practices, food processing techniques, nutrition education, and entrepreneurship skills tailored to women. Invite experts and local practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences.

Establishment of Women's Food Cooperatives:

Facilitate the formation of women-led food cooperatives where members can collectively engage in farming, food processing, and marketing activities. Provide initial support in terms of infrastructure, equipment, and access to markets.

Promotion of Women's Leadership

Organize leadership training programs to empower women to take on leadership roles within the community food development initiatives. Encourage women to actively participate in decision-making processes related to food development projects.

Awareness Campaigns

Launch awareness campaigns to challenge gender stereotypes and promote the importance of women's involvement in food production and decision-making. Use various media channels, community events, and educational materials to reach a wider audience.

Access to Resources

Facilitate access to land, credit, agricultural inputs, and technology for women farmers to enhance their productivity and income. Advocate for policies that promote women's land rights and access to agricultural resources.

Market Linkages and Value Addition

Facilitate linkages between women producers and markets to ensure fair prices for their products. Provide support for value addition and product diversification to increase the income-generating potential of women-led food enterprises.

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Enhancing the role of women in community food development is not just about empowering women but also about improving food security and overall community development