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Water Hero

The Water Hero project is an initiative by Food Bank Viet Nam focused on addressing water scarcity and promoting sustainable water resource management in the Mekong Delta region. This project aims to support farmers and agricultural communities by providing water tanks to help alleviate water shortages. It also includes training programs to spread knowledge on regenerative agriculture practices, which are designed to restore and enhance the environmental benefits of farmland.

Action for sustainable water resources for the
Mekong Delta region

The Water Hero project is an example of a holistic approach to water resource management, seeking to address the immediate needs for water in farming, while also promoting long-term sustainability practices that can protect water resources for future generations.

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Distributing Water Tanks

By providing water tanks to farmers and agricultural areas, the project aims to directly tackle the issue of water scarcity in the Mekong Delta, ensuring that communities have access to water for irrigation and daily needs.


Training and Education

Implementing training programs for the farming community is a crucial part of the project. These programs are intended to educate farmers on sustainable farming practices, particularly regenerative agriculture, which can improve soil health, increase water retention, and enhance biodiversity.



The project seeks to form strategic partnerships with enterprises, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), schools, and universities. These collaborations aim to boost the project's impact by pooling resources, expertise, and outreach to promote water-saving practices more broadly.


Sustainable Water Protection Campaigns

Working with food and beverage (F&B) stores, retail, and business sectors, the Water Hero project aims to develop campaigns that encourage sustainable water usage and protection. These campaigns are designed to raise awareness among consumers and businesses about the importance of water conservation and the role each can play in preserving this critical resource.